Oil & Gas

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles allows to inspect high, hard to reach structures and to provide a high quality footage for further analysis. With our service, you have the ability to minimize the time costly downtimes.

Thanks to lightweight construction and electric power we effectively perform the visual checkout of chimneys or flare stacks with using 4K quality cameras, without the risk of damaging the installation. The use of drones also significantly reduces the risk of accidents at work in hazardous conditions.

Checkout of:

  • discharge gases torches
  • chimneys

We identify:

  • the state of supporting structure
  • state of flares

Customer Benefits

 Cost reduction – there is no need to use specialistic, expensive equipment; to set up a scaffolding or using lifts
 Better planning - an inspection prior to planned downtime allows to plan the maintenance actions more effectively
 Time-saving – minimizing the time required for inspection
 Time saved during preparation – preliminary visual inspection, an estimate of repair costs
 Early damage detection - ability to take neccessary actions - avoidance of costly failures
 Optimal human resources allocation - service technicians directed only to damaged units
 Lower costs allow for more frequent checkouts

 Reducing or eliminating the neccessity to work at heights
 Light construction and electrical powering minimize the risk of damaging the installation

 Possibility of storing the data along with photo and video documentation and analysis over time
 4K quality video footage and high-resolution photo material
 Immediate evaluation of the situation
 Possibility of the inspection to be directed by the customer - live streaming from drone to the technician