Elios drone show at MAINTENANCE Expo 2016 Kraków

From 5.10 to 6.10.2016 we had a pleasure of meeting our customers at the MAINTENANCE Expo in Kraków, where we performed a drone show presenting Flyability Elios - a drone designed to perform inspections in complex or inaccessible installations. Thanks to the organizer we managed to overcome bad weather conditions and we installed our obstacle course in the Kraków EXPO Hall lobby.

The participants of the Expo had an opportunity to see the capabilities of a Swiss drone Elios, which has an ability of safely bouncing off obstacles and flying within confined spaces, such as tanks, vessels, cauldrons, voids, pipelines and other structures with reduced access. LED lighting allows it to operate in pitch black places. Live streaming allows both the operator to maneuver and the inspector to assess the damage on plant. Gathered video and photo footage can be analysed and compared over time even after finishing the inspection.

First of all this innovative solution reduces time and cost of preparation of the inspection. It also minimizes the risk involved in the inspection of inaccesible spaces. Due to a quick visual assessment the maintenance services have a possibility to precisely plan long-term repairs and effectively guide the workers to the most urgent tasks.

Inspectios, as a partner of Elios' producer – Flyability - offers their customers both sale of the drone and services performed with the use of various drone solutions.

If you are interested please contact us at: dariusz.siwko(at)inspectios.com or by phone: (+48) 500-565-119.

Olga Borowska General Director

Playfully called by her co-workers as a "Drone Queen". She swapped the career in a Warsaw corporation for a helmet and working boots.