Inspectios becomes partner of a Swiss drone producer - Flyability!

Inspectios implements to the Polish market innovative solutions for industrial inspections using a new generation drone. Thanks to the partnership with swiss high - tech company Fyability, Inspectios offers to its clients services with the worlds first collision tolerant drone dedicated to visual inspections of confined and complex spaces.

Thanks to Inspectios Polish companies have the opportunity to implement this innovative solution to their maintanance actions.

Engineering team from Flyability headquaters have been developing 7 prototype iterations of a drone which is able to fly in dark, dirty, difficult to reach enviroments like tanks, pipelines, ventilation or sewage system. Thanks to many tests conducted with different industrial clients from many sectors, Flyability presented Elios which totally changes the idea of using drones for industrial and inspection purposes.

International giants from Energy, Oil&Gas or Maritime sectors like Shell, Chevron and Maersk as well as big inspection companies like SGS, already got interested in Elios capabilities and started to use it for visual inspections of boilers, preassure tanks, cooling systems etc.

About Flyability

Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places. By allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with UAVs and solving the two most critical issues of one of the fastest growing industries: collision and injury risks. The company’s first market is in industrial inspection where it avoids sending people in dangerous and confined spaces for the inspection of Energy, Oil & Gas or transport infrastructure.

It is also active in Search & Rescue and security to assess emergency situations without putting humans at risk. Flyability is the winner of the 1M USD Drones for Good Award and over 10 other technology and business prizes.

*Elios – product designed, developed and produced by Flyability SA, Avenue de Sévelin 18, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland. More information at Distributor in Poland: Inspectios.

Olga Borowska General Director

Playfully called by her co-workers as a "Drone Queen". She swapped the career in a Warsaw corporation for a helmet and working boots.