Power & Utilities

We are able to check out energy infrastructure, eliminating or minimizing system downtime. A UAV equipped with appropriate sensors allows to get a wide range of data, with incomparably superior quality to those collected by traditional methods (helicopter flights, satellite photos).

Our inspections may either be a periodic review of infrastructure or intervention actions, which allow to immediately assess the situation and undertake neccessary mainenance works.


Customer Benefits

 Cost reduction – there is no need to use specialistic, expensive equipment; to set up a scaffolding or using lifts
 Time-saving – minimizing the time required for inspection
 Time saved during preparation – preliminary visual inspection, an estimate of repair costs
 Early damage detection - ability to take neccessary actions - avoidance of costly failures
 Optimal human resources allocation - service technicians directed only to damaged units
 Lower costs allow for more frequent checkouts

 Reducing or eliminating the neccessity to work at heights
 Reducing the risk of working near electrical installations
 Minimal risk of damaging the installation

 Possibility of storing the data along with photo and video documentation and analysis over time
 4K quality video footage and high-resolution photo material
 Immediate evaluation of the situation
 Possibility of the inspection to be directed by the customer - live streaming from drone to the technician


Overhead Powerlines

Flight over powerlines aim to provide the customer with the neccessary information to control the state of installation, e.g. thermal image, high-quality photos, assessment of the height of the lines, etc.

The scope of the data we collect is comparable to the information gathered using helicopters. UAVs, however, make it possible to maintain a lower flight altitude, which significantly improves the quality (e.g. of the thermographic reading).

Quality of the data is also much higher than those obtained by satellite imagery. Live streaming gives the opportunity to use our drones for monitoring the damage of the lines and the state of enviroment, resulting from extreme weather conditions.

Checkout of:

  • overhead powerlines
  • towers
  • transformer stations
  • surroundings

We identify:

  • temperature increase in line elements
  • the state of infrastructure
  • the state of forestation of the way
  • landform