Confined spaces

The world’s first collision tolerant drone allows visual inspection of confined and inaccesible places

Designed for the needs of industial inspection professionals can access places where using conventional drones i stoo dangerous or simply impossible.

Elios pushes UAV boundries. High resolution camera, termovision camera, easy navigation and adaptable LED lightning allows you to collct visual and thermographic material even in pitch dark enviroments.

Patented gyroscope technology and carbon fibre protective cage makes visual inspection possible even in very complex enviroment. Life video feedback from drone to the operator gives client the possibility to assess the situation immediately and indicate point of interest to the pilot.

Using Elios means cost reduction of inspection preparation, minimum risk in confined spaces inspection and good quality data that can be revised in time. Integrated camera with poweful LED ligh gives the quality images even in pitch dark enviroments.


Customer Benefits

 Time-saving - eliminates or reduces the need of building a scaffolding or using rope access methods
 Cost reduction of inspection and preparations – possibility of remote check out of the confined spaces without the need of entering the vessel
 Lower costs allow for more frequent checkouts, which enable more efficient planning of shutdown works

 Possibilty of flying close to people without risk due to protective cage
 No need for people to enter the confined spaces
 Minimal risk of damaging the installation

 Possibilty of reaching inaccessible spaces – high quality of gathered footage even in pitch dark places
 Possibility of live video streaming to the operator and the inspector allows for precise checkout and indication of key points in inspection
 Possibility of thermographic checkout
 Video footage and photos allow for later data analysis and more efficient planning of maintenance works


To know more about Elios please watch the video and contact us!

Elios – product designed, developed and produced by Flyability SA, Avenue de Sévelin 18, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland. More information at Distributor in Poland: Inspectios.