What we do

We offer a visual and thermographic checkout of objects with the use of drones. We deliver high quality photographic and/or video material that you can easily analyze, archive and process. Our solutions allow you to optimize the proccess of inspection or diagnosis, while eliminating or minimizing the risk associated with working at heights or in hazardous conditions.

Our method is faster, cheaper, more accurate and safer than standard solutions. Gathered data allows better tracking of the technical state and quicker decision making on repair and maintenance matters.

We perform

  • visual checkout
  • thermographic checkout
  • 3D modeling
  • orthophotomaps

We cooperate with our customers on matters of:

  • interventionist inspections
  • pre-warranty expiration inspections
  • launch of installation checkouts
  • due dilligence
  • preparation of investment documentation

Cost reduction

UAV solutions may be even several times cheaper than traditional methods of performing inspections using special equipment or climbing techniques.

By using drones we significantly shorten the time of the control as well as minimize downtime. For some checkouts there is no need to turn off the installation, which substantially reduces the losses associated with it.


Our services helps to reduce or eliminate work under hazardous conditions during certain types of inspections. Due to strict security procedures and transparent inspection process we provide our customers the opportunity to use innovative solutions with minimal risk to people and installations.


We provide customers with a new quality of services. Inspection data can be easily archived, compared over time, shared with experts for additional tests. High-quality video footage also facilitates communication between stakeholders in the projects of our customers.


In Inspectios we focus on specialization and quality of provided services, which is why we offer services for industrial customers only. We make sure that our staff gets expert training both in terms of flights, as well as in our professional services.